Us on our Honeymoon in Jamaica

Us on our Honeymoon in Jamaica

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Here are the photos of what we accomplished this weekend as well as the photos of what bushes we have ripped out from the front yard.

Demolition Johnston Style

 We have been living here since the end of January. We have found out quite a few interesting facts about the house since then. We found out that the previous owners loved to plant all sorts of flowers everywhere! Also that the house sat empty for 2 years before we found this gem. This house really was meant to be for us, there are just so many things about it that are ironic. Anyway back to the demolition. My mom came into town this weekend to help with everything. We accomplished taking down the wallpaper from the hallway, kitchen and hall bath. In the kitchen we also had to remove wood paneling as well as Shaker shingles from above the cabinets and (as if it couldn't get any worse) real brick veneer from above the stove. Thank goodness for mom being here, she motivated us to rip all of the brick out. I mean seriously what normal woman would want something so porous for a back splash over a stove? While ripping out the Shaker shingles we found quite a few spider webs and two spiders. We quickly evicted them. We really weren't sure what was going on in the bathroom with the wallpaper. It seemed that the original walls were painted pink, it matched the half walls of pink tile, they were later papered this awful highlighter pink flowery wallpaper and finally papered with a soft vinyl floral wallpaper. Whew what were people thinking just papering over paper???? Not only that some of it had been spackled over, seriously? The hallway was the easiest paper to take down. We found one of the cold air returns had been duct taped over so it obviously wasn't working. We can't figure out why they didn't just put Sheetrock over it, they were already re-sheetrocking the entire bottom half of the hallway. They didn't rip out the old to do this, they simply sheet-rocked over top of the old sheet rock so now our poor hallway has uneven walls. Hince why they put up a chair rail :) This week the goal is to spackle our little hearts out and sand it all down to get it ready for the painting in two weekends. Yeah for duct masks!  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buying our first home!

2011 has been the year of major life events for John and myself. In April I graduated college, in August we got married and then in December we bought our first house. Really crazy right? So this blog is dedicated to our home improvements on our house on Melody Lane. We created it so we can share all of the projects we have planned for our house. Thanks for reading :)